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Career in Computer Engineering in India

Monday, October 12th, 2015

With a boom in Information Technology, computer industry is flourishing like never before.Consequently, the demand for computer engineering professionals is increasing. Let us discuss about the field in detail.

Computer Engineers are required to develop hardware components, software and communication systems. The field involves testing and designing of computer components. Defining this branch of engineering, it involves study of principles and techniques of computer science to develop computer as well as computer based systems. Thus, the field involves work related with computer software and hardware.

Software and Hardware Engineers
Computer Science Engineering involves two types of professionals in Software and Hardware Technology. Professionals in the domain have the option of moving from hardware position to software as per their qualification. Professionals who deal with computer equipment are termed as Computer Hardware Engineers. These people are mainly involved in testing, designing, manufacturing, and research. Installation of hardware like computer chips, computer related parts, and circuit board is also a part of their job role. Their job role is much more same as to that of professionals in electronics domain; however it is much limited to computers and its related equipment.

Professionals dealing with computer programs are known as Computer Software Engineers.Professionals working in software engineering domain needs to possess programing skills that are required for developing and designing software, including business applications, word processing, and computer games.

Job Opportunities & Career Prospects
Career prospects for engineering in computer science are increasing at rapid pace in both India and abroad.The career outlook for these professionals is great, which offers lucrative job opportunities in US, Canada and other countries. The different areas of job options for these professionals include is programming, analysis, and system study.Computer engineers get immense opportunities to find several industries that use computers. They usually get employed as computer systems designers or software designers.The different specialty areas in the field include Information Protection, Communication & Wireless Networks, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, and Mobile Computing.

Colleges offering Courses in Computer Science Engineering
In India, several prestigious colleges and universities offer education in Computer Engineering. Some of them include:

1) NetajiSubhas Institute of Technology (NSIT Delhi)
2) K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Mumbai
3) Raji Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai
4) University of Delhi
5) Bengal Engineering College, Howrah

Apart from among mentioned colleges, Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and National Institute of Technology (NITs)also offer popular courses in this domain of engineering.

NSIT is affiliated to University of Delhi and offers several reputed full-time degree courses, including Information Technology,Computer Engineering, Bio-Technology, and Electronics & Communication Engineering. Formerly known as Delhi Institute of Technology, NSITranks in top ten engineering colleges in India. Students pursuing the course at NSIT get good job placements in reputed multinational companies in India and abroad.

With career opportunities in almost every industry, from banking to health care, and from online retail to automobile, Computer Science Engineering is becoming the first choice of students. It is a field that not only focuses on how computer systems function, but also how they are applicable into the larger picture.

How Software Outsourcing to India Helps

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Converging technologies of telecommunication, IT and media have redefined the way we do business. And global giants such as IBM, Microsoft, General Electric, British Aerospace and General Motors keep ahead of their rivals, thanks to the competitive advantage conferred on them by some of the best software companies in India. You, too, can benefit immensely from a successful software outsourcing strategy to India.

Software Outsourcing to India is rapidly becoming a global practice as international corporations recognise its multiple benefits. The software outsourcing budget of global leaders has increased significantly and the worldwide expenditure on outsourcing services is expected to grow from $140 billion in 2005 to over $220 billion by 2010. Most importantly, corporate giants in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan prefer India for cost-effective and high-quality software solutions.

The abundance of highly qualified and technically skilled English-speaking computer professionals is the key to success when it comes to IT outsourcing to India. The country churns out 75,000 IT graduates and two million English-speaking graduates every year.

According to a recent study, around 17 million professionals will be eligible to join the IT industry by 2008.

The comprehensive IT infrastructure makes India the most viable outsourcing option for the corporate houses worldwide. Excellent telecom, ISP and cellular networks are available across the country. In addition, India has reliable satellite and submarine communication links that facilitate good band connectivity with the rest of the world.

Software Outsourcing to India is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and re-energising business processes. It challenges today’s managers to rethink the traditional, vertically integrated firm in favour of a more flexible organisation – structured around core competencies and long-term, outside relationships.

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