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7 Street Food Heavens in Delhi

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

You can’t leave Delhi without enjoying streets food of Delhi. The aroma od local dishes in the evening time you can’t resist to have some street food. There is no dearth of varieties. As it is the capital city of India, Delhi is complete cultural mix and same reflects in food.

Chole Bhature

The king of Street Food in India. Many diets are broken with just the thought of this luscious deep fried ball of wonder. The title for the best Chole Bhature is just slightly disputed in Delhi with the winner emerging as Sitaram Diwan Chand (Paharganj) followed very closely by Nagpal’s and Chache di hatti. The bhature in Sitaram are generously lined with paneer shreds and go perfectly with the delectably spicy chole.

Aalu Tikki and Chaat

Bittoo Tikki Wala who started as a cart seller now has franchises all over town. Thankfully, the crispy tikki doled out at these places remains standardised and is the perfect way to beat Delhi chill.


This little triangular piece of heaven is probably what keeps Delhi hearts beating. The best thing about it is that you get fabulous Samosas at carts across the city and its tough to pick a favourite but if hard pressed for a name, Munni Lal Halwai (Frontier Waale) Samosa Shop in Gole Market (earlier in Panchkuian) may win this one.

Kakori Kababs

Salim’s kababs win any day! Though many will disagree and say Khan chacha is better, it is a matter of great debate. Salim’s (earlier in Khan Market and now in Defence Colony Market) Kakori roll just melts in the mouth and you don’t even need to chew!


Momos are our answer to fancy dumplings in restaurants costing an arm and a leg. The charm of eating Momos at the Sikkim stall at Dilli Haat with the chilli sauce and fruit beer remains unbeatable. You can choose to have pork momos or chicken momos.

Mutton Patty

If you like the flaky pastry of a patty, the mutton patty at Wengers in CP is an experience in itself. The filling of mutton cooked to almost a paste like consistency is delicious and the patty flakes before you can even bite it.


Your street food journey in Delhi would be incomplete without the mention of Shawarmas. You could go around town, try all the options and make up your mind or you could do the smart thing, close your eyes and go straight to Al-Bake in New Friends Colony market.

India – A Favorable Destination for Doing Business

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

India has a 20 million-strong scientific and technical manpower. India has a vast domestic market – a 300 million-strong middle class population with substantial purchasing power and another 700 million-strong population whose capacity to purchase is gradually increasing. Being a vibrant democracy with a large democratic set-up supplemented by a broad-based legal framework including arbitration and an independent judicial system, it boasts of a vast network of bank branches, financial institutions and well-organized capital and money markets. These attributes make India a favorable destination with many benefits of doing business compared with other Asian or emerging country alternatives.

With a 5,000 year heritage of welcoming foreigners to its shores, India welcomes diversity. America, Americans and American brands are well liked and popular in India while Europeans and Asians are also readily accepted. India has many religions, skin colors and languages and you will not feel alienated if you embrace the country without being judgmental

India is a free society and Websites, movies and music from other cultures is not censored or limited, with the exception of pornographic or extremely seditious materials.

Investing into India and repatriating profits or other gains is generally quite straightforward. Foreign companies can readily raise equity capital in India and many foreign companies have subsidiaries traded on Indian stock exchanges.

India’s location can make it a good strategic alternative to China for manufacturing and shipping to Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Honeywell manufactures turbochargers in Pune, and Hyundai makes automobiles in Chennai for the African and European market.

India’s engineers and managers travel well globally. GE, Google, CA, Mastercard, Reebok and many others have transplanted managers first hired in India into corporate headquarters and worldwide leadership positions. India’s talent is a tremendous asset.

You will readily find people who speak English and you can buy English language books and magazines in all major Indian cities and airports. If you speak a major European language such as Spanish, German, or French, you will also find speakers of these languages in major Indian cities, thanks to organizations such as Max Mueller Bhavan and Alliance Francaise and also due to India’s booming global call center business.

India’s young population and growing economic power promises to be a magnet for foreign companies for decades to come.