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Indian Education

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

India is a land rich in culture, tradition, religion and even education. Since ages, the country is known for its learning and education

During the ancient times, the old age Gurukul was also an essential part of the Indian education system where guru-shishya relationship was always held with due respect and devotion. As and when time moved away, education system in the country also started advancing as well as changing with more and more institutes and universities coming up. Some of the most renowned modern day educational universities are IITs, IMT, AIIMS, ISI, BITS, ISB, NIT, and IISc.

In India, the complete education system from primary to secondary and then to higher secondary are all overseen by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and heavily subsidized by the Indian government.

Teachers also have always played a vital role in the Indian education system. They shower a supreme gift of knowledge and wisdom on all their children. Several methods of teaching and learning interact with each other to impart better education to all children. Constantly, the education system is improving with newer teaching techniques introduced by Education ministry. They also play a vital role in ensuring timeliness, quality and amount of education delivered to every student.

Today, it is believed that India has the highest number of learned professionals. They even have a cutting edge with English medium and follow the perfect grammar and language skills. Practical skills are also accentuated in all schools by imparting some helpful education to parents as well. Teachers try to teach parents the basics of every lesson so that the teaching is simplified and standardized.

After primary and secondary schools, there are wide options open for students to select their field of interest. An assortment of bachelor, master, and post graduate courses are available in the Indian education system. Manu students from India are even going abroad to have better wisdom and knowledge of every bit.

Schools and colleges in India are not restricted to worldly wisdom but they also take care of education in terms of values, virtues and tradition. These educational institutes also observe traditional and religious celebrations to make children realize the significance of each of this day. Participation in various competitions and sports also plays an integral part in education a child. All these extra-curricular activities make children more responsive, intelligent, confident and interactive. The complete blend of all these aspects of education makes a perfect individual, a perfect Indian citizen.

E-Learning in India

Friday, May 29th, 2009

The future of E-learning is very bright, indeed. This concept has been expanding at a very rapid rate as more and more uses for the computer in education have been discovered and attempted. And India is one most of place that fast emerging as an e-learning hub, because of its ability to provide a large pool of a highly educated workforce. There are a number of other potential factors for IT outsourcing in India such as cost-efficiency, quality, technical support and a growing economy.

A large section of the population of India is technically skilled with good knowledge of the English language that can be used to create effective solutions in e-learning. These solutions can be cost-effective, as compared to other developed nations and also assures the same level of quality. A number of companies in India possess quality certifications such as ISO and SEI-CMM and meet international standards. Communication facilities determine the success of offshore IT outsourcing, and India has robust cellular networks and broadband Internet to facilitate easy connectivity to the rest of the world. The geographical location is also suitable due to the 12-hour time gap between the USA and India. Work can be carried out on a 24-hour basis and ready solutions are available the next working day in the USA.

The Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace, with a number of companies investing in India and a large volume of jobs are being outsourced. The pro-IT government in India is also boosting the growth of this sector, with IT being a part of the national agenda for the government in power.

Most companies view e-learning as a solution targeted to achieve business goals. Moreover the training costs tend to be cheaper than those developed in-house and viewed as an investment. There is also significant knowledge retention at the end of the training programs. High quality, e-learning solutions can be developed in India with the right technology and industry support in sectors as distinct as steel, IT, automobiles, cement and telecom. Industry watchers estimate that because of its advantages, India is bound to grow in stature as the hub for e-learning programs.