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Indian Kamasutra Against Modern India

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Madhya Pradesh, minister of India has been reported as saying that the sale of sex toys in India would have “severe consequences in society”. He has gone further to advise the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to have a meeting with all parties to discuss the matter further.

This was due to a letter from Minister Kailash Vijayvargiva, from the Public Works Department (PWD). All sex toys, even condoms with a vibrating ring, have been advised to be banned from the country. Kaliash has suggested that there should be no import or sale of the products within India.

However, ancient Indian texts, such as the 4th Century AD book, Kamasutram, encourage the usage of toys. It would appear that in old Indian tradition, using sex toys and the industry around it, was a large and flourishing industry.

Kamasutram, known in the West as Kama Sutra, goes into detail about a variety of devices that one could use and incorporate in sexual practice. The materials used include ivory, wood, rubber, gold, silver, copper and horn, as described in this extract from the text:

“Or, he may make use of certain Apadravyas (sex toys), or things which are put on or around the lingam (penis) to supplement its length or its thickness, so as to fit it to the yoni. In the opinion of Babhravya, these Apadravyas should be made of gold, silver, copper, iron, ivory, buffalo’s horn, various kinds of wood, tin or lead, and should be soft, cool, provocative of sexual vigour, and well fitted to serve the intended purpose. Vatsyayana, however, says that they may be made according to the natural liking of each individual.”

There are diagrams and pictures in the book to show the different shapes, designs and sizes of the sex toys. The sex toys are not only for women, but for men as well when a partner is not available. There is whole section dedicated to this.

This contrast against the latest Indian government talk, which is focusing on condoms with vibrators attached. They insist that condoms are for family planning and not for enhancing pleasure. In the Kama Sutra texts, however, it suggests that “The sex organ produces pleasure through experiencing objects; therefore, it is a sign of a soul”

Kama translated has a variety of meanings including wish, desire and intention. It is a Sanskrit word, but can also be translated to mean pleasure and love. Kama is the name of the Hindu god of Love. Sutra translated signifies thread or discourse threaded on a series of aphorisms or concise rules.

The book goes into the courtship and relationships between male and females. There is a strong link between the descriptions in the book and courtship, which occurs in nature, for example the rituals of birds to attract one another.

The verdict for or against condoms with vibrators hasn’t been ruled on in India yet. The Prime Minister has called an investigation into the matter.