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Placement Agencies

Executive search firm which is a member of D. E. Foster Partners network.
Goverment approved manpower consultants, and recruiters for all types of industries and service sectors.
A placement agency with a good clientele and a resume database. The key features of this site is video interviews, list of hot candidates, automated recruitment process.
Recruitment firm specializing in recruiting for sales, marketing, and advertising functions.
IT industry human resources.
Provides consultancy and recruitment services, particularly for multinationals setting up business in the country.
Features tips on career development, a jobs listing in miscellanous categories, and other useful career resources.
A recruitment firm offering placement services for plastic, education, textile and hospitality industry.
Recruitment agency specializing in executive search and placements for top and middle management positions for all industries
Recruitment agency specialising in sourcing IT professionals to overseas clients.
Offers job listings for the fields of IT and non-technical IT and some general fields. Offers resume posting, and a special section for fresh candidates.
Provides manpower to corporate offices in Mumbai.
Offers job listings for service sectors like call centers, insurance, telecom, banking, IT and financial Services.
Career consultants.
A executive search organisation engaged in placements at senior and middle management levels. Features posting of resumes, and a vacancies search.