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Placement Agencies

Recruits skilled and professional staff from India for overseas employers.
Human resource management and manpower consultancy firm speacilising in management development and training, personnel selection and recruitment.
Technical recruitment service for all type of the projects worldwide.
Computer jobs and employment site for IT related fields with placements.
J.M.Mehta - Gulf jobs, recruitment, placement, manpower and career consultant.
Job posting and candidate search for employers and recruiters in India and abroad. Includes free resume writing tips and career advice.
Includes advice on presentation, interviews, writing CVs, and other aspects of job applications. Offers free listings for jobseekers.
Specializes in senior and middle management professional search and placements.
Multinational recruitment company for recruitment of technically qualified professionals from India.
Recruiting company based in Mumbai. Features top jobs, jobs by categories, and services for freelancers, and job seekers.
This site provides extensive services like online resumes and jobs, online updates, and online search for jobs for candidates and candidate search for employers.
A public limited HR consulting company in India providing a range of services including executive search, recruitment, psychometric testing, compensation and employee satisfaction surveys.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Manpower Inc. Offer placement and staffing services.
A export-import, and recruitment firm based at Powai, in Mumbai.
Executive search and headhunting firm.