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Placement Agencies

An executive search and recruitment firm.
A recruitment consultancy firm specializing in the placement of returning indian professionals as well as senior management professionals across different industries in India.
Leading management consultants providing jobs in India and abroad.
Provides IT related search and recruitment services for companies in India and overseas. Features a list of employers and a jobs search function.
An associate company of Stanton Chase International, an executive search firm. Offers recruitment and career management services.
For hot jobs with premier organizations in automobile, telecom, IT, and engineering industry.
A jobs and placements portal offering resume posting, job posting, directory of IT and software companies, and placement agencies.
Recruitment company, serving manufacturing and service industry.
Based in Chennai and Bangalore, offers placement services to candidates and recruitment services to companies.
Provides orgnisations with total staffing solutions and other consultancy services.
Provide manpower and recruitment services.
Manpower sourcing and recruitment firm having offices in Delhi and Mumbai.
Overseas job openings in the field of IT for hardware and software.
Provides placements services like HR placement consultancy, software recruitment services, temporary staffing, executive staffing and IT job placements.
Management and executive search consultants.