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Commerce and Industry

Promotes exports of the agricultural and allied industries.
Provides advice on, regulates and manages the uses of pesticides.
Marine fisheries research organisation, based in Cochin.
a statutory body established for the integrated development of coconut cultivation and industry, based in Kochi, Kerala.
Promotes expansion of the coffee industry, exports, and carries out and provides research information to aid the industry.
Details of the organisational setup, associated voluntary bodies, goals and objectives.
Responsible for national policies and programmes aimed at achieving agricultural growth. Part of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Brief account of the department's activities, details of projects, fund allocations, and plan documents.
Applies statistical methods to agricultural production, research and development.
Details of the organisation, lists and information about implementing bodies, announcements, publications and performance indicators.
Planning, promotion and co-ordination of environmental and forestry programmes. Information on government policy and action, as well as NGOs.
Information on rural development, poverty alleviation, Panchayati Raj, and status reports.
This ministry is responsible for the 'Scheduled Tribes'. Describes its activities, associated and autonomous bodies, awards and fellowships.
Cyclone, earthquake, flood, drought and landslide related information, from the government body that plans for these events.
Export promotion for spices produced in the country. (Ministry of Commerce).