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Includes details of policies, user information and citizen charters, FAQs, and information for travellers.
Manages, regulates and polices the growing of, and trade in poppies and opium.
Audits and assists the state and central institutions on their accounts and accountability.
Responsible for establishing and maintaining a technically sound management accounting system, preparing a critical analysis of expenditures, revenues, borrowings and the deficit for the Finance Minister every month.
Aims to reduce and downsize the government role in non-developmental expenditure. Site includes the commission's reports.
The site gives comprehensive information on tax related issues, and general tax related information.
Tax law, rules, and notifications. Tax return and other forms available for download.
Includes the Departments of Economic Affairs, Expenditure, and Revenue.
Provides and arranges finance for the electrical power sector.
Website of the central government's bank, with descriptions of functions and services. Also includes an online museum of coins and notes.
Responsible for regulation of securities markets.
Official web site for the government mint, offering historical information.
Includes the Union budget for the year 2002-2003 and economic survey for 2001-2002.