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Denatonium benzoate, pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty chemicals.
Manufacturers of zinc and aluminium pressure die casting components, cast iron castings, and press parts.
Designing and manufacturing switching power Supplies, DC-DC converters, battery chargers, telecom rectifiers for industrial applications.
Manufacturers of diving equipment. Undertakes sub-sea engineering projects. Features business development and quality control details.
Supplies of plant pots, planters, and commercial horticultural equipment.
Manufacturers of pumps, fittings, pipelines, valves and flanges.
Manufacturer of oil pumps, water pumps, and oil coolers.
Warehousing services, particularly for agricultural goods.
Producers of dies, moulds and other industrial and foundry equipment.
Manufacturer and exporter of inorganic and fine metal compounds. Based in Palghat and Mumbai.
Manufacturer of metal surface treatment chemicals.
Provides perforation solutions for EVA, PVC for shoes, bags, and seat covers.