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Details about the services, tenders and application forms.
Promoting the quarrying and mining industries. Information on the state's existing and potential production capacity.
Information on elections, electoral rolls, forms, voting procedures, and FAQs.
Information on water resources, projects under way in the state, government policies and procedures, and the department's administration.
Describes the geology of the state, with online maps. Also has promotional material for the mining industry.
State Government website, with links to the principal departments and sections.
Official web site of Bureau of Investment Promotion, Rajasthan. Details about investment, social and geography statics and business opportunities.
Official web site of the state electricity board. Details of tariff, policies and tender.
Official web site of Commercial Taxes Department. Details about the sales tax forms, schemes and tax rates.
Online rates of agriculture commodities. Details about agro industries and investment in agriculture sector.
State financial institute for industrial loans. Details schemes for entrepreneur and online account status.
Describes housing schemes, allottee information, online statements, and provides news and notices.
Website of the state legislature, information on members, officers of the legislature, and the government.
Includes activities, schedules and achievements. Also details ways to participate and contribute.
Assisted by the Asian Development Bank to develop the infrastructure of the state. Details about the projects, consultants and tenders.