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Organization working in the tribal regions of Orissa, to adopt an integrated approach to help the tribal, indigenous and other poor communities, in self sustaining development.
Non Governmental Organization organizing multiple smaller community organizations.
Promotes rural development, women's self help movement, education and child development in Andhra Pradesh.
Development organisation for Tibetan exile communities. [Flash]
NGO aims at community development and mobilization, rural development, education and community forestry.
An organisation that funds many development projects in India.
A volunteer based organization providing basic education and health care to tribal and other rural communities in India. Details of project and photo gallery.
Working for the development of poor and weaker sections of rural, urban and tribal South India.
A non-governmental organisation working for the rural/urban poor. Details of objectives and activities.
A voluntary and non-govermental organisation with its focus on family planning and child health. Information about its five year strategic plan, activities, awards, publications, and volunteers.
Non profit company, providing financial services to NGOs to promote greater transparency and accountability.
A volunteer driven organization whose mission is to be a trusted online gateway that connects people with the causes they care about in India.
NGO promoting good governance and effective administration to make India an economic super power.
Provides opportunities for Indian professionals to share their skills with disadvantaged people in the developing countries of Asia, Africa, the Balkans and the Caribbean/Pacific regions. Details of the volunteer recruitment programme.
Organization promoting literacy and practical education of girls and women, mobilising them to fight against social and gender injustice. Gives information on projects and organizational structure.