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A non-profit voluntary organisation providing support to other NGOs in India in different fields of expertise.
A non-governmental voluntary agency dedicated to the upliftment of the nutrition status of Indians. Covers nutritional problems, programmes, research papers by health professionals and quarterly bulletin.
Parivartan is an active social organization helping Indians, mainly in New Delhi to fight against corruption, bribery and other human rights violation.
Non-government, non-profit organisation working for awareness of corporate social responsibilty as well as advocacy and capacity building in India.
Non-profit development organisation working for appropriate development of vulnerable communities and sensitive ecosystems of the world including the Himalayan region.
Offering web-based information and services to non-governmental organisations.
Aims to preverve and promote artistic and cultural values.
Non-profit organization based serving the poor in the field of food, cloth, shelter, medicine and education.
Dedicated to promoting the Gandhian ideals of truth, non violence, peace, universal brotherhood and humanitarian service
Online forum that allows discussion of several spiritual, cultural and social issues. Provides articles, chat and message boards.
NGO based at Baroda engaged in rural development, social services, community training, and energy conservation.
A non-governmental, non-profit organization working in the field of governance, occupational health, global networking and other related areas in India.
Organisation aims to introduce and promote traditional art, music, and culture with the youth.
Promotes human rights, environmental sanitation, health and hygiene, non-conventional sources of energy, waste management and social reforms through education, training and awareness campaign. Information about its activities, volunteers, and unique toilet museum.
A social communications agency. Develops research based, professionally designed communication packages to promote public health and welfare. Information about staff, and projects.