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The aims and activities of the organization.
Translates and publishes the bible in many of the country's languages.
Information on the churches that the organisation covers, news affecting Christians, lists of dioceses and their history, other information on Christianity.
The history and activities of the independent evangelical organization.
The beginning, structure, and symbol of the communion of churches in India.
The Church of South India is the result of the union of Anglican, Methodist, Congregational, Presbyterian, and Reformed. It was inaugurated in September 1947, after protracted negotiation.
Details of all Christian denominations in India, respective bishop's houses, and Churches/Parishes. Includes religious publications, articles, and a priest search facility.
Offers free web hosting services for non-profit Christian organizations in South Asia.
The history, culture, traditions, institutions, and organizations of the various denominations of Christianity in India.
Provides information, research assistance, resources, (including books and articles) on Christianity in India.
Resources on Christianity including audio bible, kiddy corner, study tours, and sermons
Collection of information about Christian ministries in the country, and other statistics.
An inter denominational ministry built on the Word of God.
News, events, and administrative contacts of the Diocese. Includes a community portal for families, Christian evangelism, and spirituality.
Missionary organization dedicated in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in India.