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This site catalogs thoughts of intellectuals regarding Hinduism, recommends books for further reading, and provides useful links for further research.
Provides information and instructions on performing the ritual of Agnihotra.
Monthly spiritual magazine published in Hindi, English and Punjabi. It has real life experiences of people who have travelled the spiritual path.
On the Bishnoi religion, and the villagers who gave their lives to protect trees.
Information about Lord Krishna, govardhan parvath, and temples of Krishna. Includes a photo gallery and maps of Vrindavan and Brij.
Siddhi Vinayakar Kovil - you pray and he grants all the wishes in Mumbai, India.
Resource concerning the pan-Indian god Skanda or Murugan and his cult both in Sanskrit and Tamil sources.
Collection of rare names of Gods and Goddesses.
Contains the biography of the master, his message from the Vedas, quotes, and image gallery.
The legend, festivals, culture, temple, and literature of the sect devoted to Sri Radha and Sri Krishna in Brindavan.
Information on the standard forms of the Hindu religion, details of temples and their construction, symbols, rituals and ceremonies, some calendars, and texts.
Understanding Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma), with a collection of articles, especially on the Saiva forms.
An enterprise of the Kanchipuram Math, offering audio of slokas and prayers, guidance as to pujas and rituals, other religious information, in several languages.
Site on Hinduism, its concepts, rituals and practices.
Provides an illustrated guide to over 2000 Indian temples with pointers to their architectural, cultural, religious and historical significance and tourist information.