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Detailed descriptions of 55 hotels all over Poland.
Hotel guide for Polish hotels. Few hotels can be reserved online.
Hotel registry guide to Polish lodging facilities. (English/Russian)
A large database of hotels in Poland. OnLine reservations available. Hotel websites feature description, prices, pictures of hotels and rooms.
Focuses on non-Jewish and Polish victims of the Holocaust: photos and survivor stories.
Memorial to the Jewish history of this town, including photos, maps, and surname lists.
Memorial to a Jewish community. Includes maps and photographs of residents, the town, and the Jewish cemetery.
Memorial to a small Jewish community of 800 murdered on July 7, 1941. Includes modern and historical photos, list of surnames, and information about descendants of the town in Israel and New York.
Story of how the population of a Jewish shtetl in Poland was wiped out in the Holocaust.
A source of information for Jews and Jewish life in Zaglembie, Poland.
History of the massacre, the subsequent cover-up and Western complicity.
The Hanza Hotel is the most modern and elegant hotel in Northen Poland. It is situated in the Gdansk's Old Town next to the XV century port's crane.